Dynamically update page with SQL data - noob

I’m a software engineer, I normally work with c++, python and some java but never web development. I need a page that can update data constantly every few seconds or less. For example, I want to display a single cell of data from SQL. When there is a change/update to the database, I need this to change on the web page.

For someone who doesn’t have much of any experience in web dev, what would be the easiest framework to use for this? with so many frameworks out there I’m feeling overwhelmed.

There are a lot of choices out there to do this. I only have experience working with PHP and Ajax, so that would be my recommendation. I know you said framework but you could with some effort and elbow grease do this task with PHP and Ajax.

Make a php function that grabs data from the mysql cell you need. Then on your web page create a javascript function that does an ajax call to your php function every few seconds.

Try looking up PHP Ajax tutorial on youtube, I’m sure you will find at least a few helpful videos.

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