Dynamically creating nodes in a jstree tree structure

I have to retrieve a list of menu item from a database and display it in a tree structure.I want to use the menu name as the node name and menu id as the id of the node.I’m using php and jstree javascript library
This is what i wrote but it doesn’t give any output.this is what i hv done so far

	function createNodeList(){
		$('#menuCPanel #contentData #tree').jstree({			
			"json_data" : {
				"ajax" :{
					"type" : "POST",
					"url" : "?m=admin",
					"dataType" : "json",
					"data" : {
						"action" : "getNodeList",
					"success" : function(result){
							return {							
								id : result.attr ? result.attr("id") : result['menuId'],
								title : result.attr ? result.attr("title") : result['menuName']
				"error" : function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) { 
					alert("err: "+errorThrown);
			"callback" : {
			"themes" : {
				"theme" : "classic",
		        "dots" : true,
		        "icons" : true
			"plugins" : ["json_data", "themes"]
		}).bind("select_node.jstree", function (e, data) { alert(jQuery.data(data.rslt.obj[0], "jstree").id) });

I would like to know what is wrong with the code.In fact the code returns the desired json data.this is the returned json data

“data”:[{“menuId”:“1”,“menuName”:“Top Menu”},{“menuId”:“2”,“menuName”:“Main Menu”},{“menuId”:“3”,“menuName”:“Bottom Menu”},{“menuId”:“4”,“menuName”:“Main Menu”}]

It would be a greate help if someone can help me
thanks in advance

There are several trailing-comma issues there. Does correcting those resolve the problem?