Dynamic ulr vs static url

hi everyone…

i am wan89…i am newbie here…guys, i face a problem regarding the programming. i lost and i do not know what i need to do… anyone can help me how to convert from

IANA — Example domains

to be

IANA — Example domains

… for your information i am using .htacces do do this…but i face the problem how the .htaccess will receive the paste value… please advice me and show me the sample of the programming way. and how it work…urgent :sick:

unfortunately you allowed your links to get translated

what you posted was


but what does “the .htaccess will receive the paste value” mean?

i need your advice actually, because i am the new in this area.
how i can change from dynamic url to be friendly url(static url). can you show me the example. and please understand me how it work. thanks

You should probably start with a tutorial on what Apache mod_rewrite is and how it works. A good one can be found here: Apache’s mod_rewrite