Dynamic Paypal Button encryption

Hello All,

I am developing a site selling lighting online. The site is built around an SQL database using PHP. I have set up a simple Web Payment standard payment system. The trouble that i am having is that i cannot encrypt my Paypal button code as it uses dynamic data for product code, price etc. This would not be a problem, as non of the data passed in the button code is sensitive (just cart contents). Unfortunately when you view cart or add to cart or proceed to checkout a little red exclamation mark appears bottom right of the window. This informs the shopper that some of the items on the page are not secure. This persists throughout the checkout procedure.

I am concerned that this may put customers off, resulting in aborted carts.

I have looked at third party carts (zen cart, php cart etc) but it would appear that these would involve completely rehashing the site to fit into their file system etc

I suppose my question is, is there a way of encrypting dynamic button code. Or alternatively is there a third party cart that will bolt on to the side of my existing site.

I have looked at Paypal integration and tried to setup SSL several times but have crashed and burned every time.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

The site is at www.tbflc.co.uk


Have you considered the Pay Pal Payments Pro solution? https://merchant.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=merchant/wp_pro

Alternatively, I like this third party shopping cart bolt on. It sounds like it may be what you are asking for?

Hmmmm, had a look at Web Payments pro. It means we have to hold customer credit card details, didn’t want to do that.

Shopintegrator will take some more investigation.

Shop integrator not really what we are looking for either.

Found this link which is halfway there:


I have followed this upto a point and created all the keys and done all the uploading and downloading

Step 5 is where I fall over. I assume I have to install the downloaded SSL installation to my hosting server. Or is this something I need to get my host to do ?

Any ideas?

Thanks techwonder.

Will check those ideas out.