Dynamic Keyword Insertion

We all know that dynamic keyword insertion can be of great help for business but id like to know why some of online marketers usually fail do to this?

Only very experienced online marketer can handle it, it is the advanced fuction of Google Adwords. Or it may cause mistakes in the Ad text. And if you are not taking charge of many many Ads or products, it is not necesssary to use it.

DKI has been traditionally hard to implement, and even more so for CMS based systems like Joomla and Wordpress. I did come across a product a year ago, I cant remember the name, but it was pulled from the market due to excessive bugs and 404 errors.

Dynamic keyword insertion is little tricky and SEs like Google are very strict about their generation.

A webmaster who is inserting keywords dynamically has to follow tonne of guidelines. I guess, this is why webmasters lean away from this practice.

I only use it for LONG lists of products really, or to stretch the headline field an extra 4 characters. A bigger ad equals more clicks in some cases :slight_smile:

Dynamic keyword insertion works well. Most marketers implement ad based DKI to help with ad relevance and boost CTR. Only a small percentage take the DKI concept further and extend it into landing pages. I have found the reasons for this DKI’s technical implementatin requirements. Couple that with such differeing web based CMS products being used like Joomla and Wordpress which althouh are popular, dont offer a simplen DKI solution. Add to this the myriad of other CMS platforms or methods used to bulid websites, and you have whats known as a customised solution required. I have been very active in this space, and in fact we have spent the last year building a dynamnic keyword insertion plugin for both Joomla and Wordpress called Keyword Replacer. It is launching in the coming weeks and am excited we have standardised the DKI implementation for process for landing pages for these two platforms, giving the user the ability to eaily create dynamically driven content pages that can support hundreds of keywords or keyword phrases.

Thanks for those who replied to my query. If I need anything else to know about dynamic keyword insertion. I would post it here again.

Using the Search Engines Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool is great. However, there is way too much room for misinterpretation by the search engine bots in this process such as appearing wrong search terms in your advert.

Isn’t that solved by using it on campaigns with strict keyword groups?