Dynamic HTML &SVG With D3

I tried once to include an SVG element inside an HTML5 page, and add path elements dynamically as a response to mouse events. Doing it with Vanilla JS is not a good idea because

  • Coordinates in SVG are relative to the SVG elements, while mouse coordinates are relative to the page.
    Translating the coordinates using ‘getBoundingClientRect’ works fine in Firefox, but not in Explorer 9 after scrolling.
    D3 offers the function d3.mouse(container) that translte the mouse coordinates to coordinates relative to the container. For example:

    var coords = d3.mouse(svgElement.node());

  • SVG sub-elements, such as paths cannot be created using ‘document.createElement’.
    In Vanillas JS, you should create them with "document.createElementNS(‘http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’, ‘path’)
    In D3, you simply type “svgElement.append(‘path’)”.

If you wonder what “svgElement” is, It is a selection object, created using “d3.select(‘svg’)”, which returns the first (and only) SVG element on the HTML page.

  • D3 allows you to create SVG shapes that can be added as the “d”(path data) attribute of paths. For example:

    .attr(“d”, line);
    (when “line” is a line shape created by ‘d3.svg.line’). Read more about SVG shapes here.

D3 can be downloaded from this page.
In addition, you can find a good API reference here.

So basiclly this is a wrapper for the times one wants to have mouse events dynamically change the SVG code?

It is a Javascript framework that includes classes that make handling SVG elements easier. ‘d3.mouse’ returns coordinates of the event translated.

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