Dynamic Data in Search Results

I noticed that Google has started adding dynamic content to some of their NFL-related search results. For instance, if you search for “New Orleans Saints Schedule”, a dynamic menu is presented which can be expanded to show the full schedule.

Is this an expansion of their rich snippets, or is there another term for this?

Hello there!

I wouldn’t say this is an expansion of rich snippets, this was on their plans long time ago and it got executed on a larger scale after the development of the HummingBird algorithms.

For highly specific and targetted long tail keywords and popular questions, Google is able to break down the question and provide a possiblity of direct answer at the top of the search result. Like if you are converting currencies, checking for some medical terms, football results, scientific findings, hot news and such…

Without mentioning the formal definition of rich snippets, they are primary defined to guide search engines through your web content and different elements you have. However that doesn’t mean Google is not capable of understanding your content without rich snippets.

Quick Guide to Google’s Web Search Elements:

Part I - Local SERP features

- Local Carousel

- Local Knowledge Panel

- Local “Pack” Results

- Local “Near” Results

- Google Map + Pins

Part II - Advertising and paid results

- AdWords Ads (Top)

- Shopping Results (Left)

- AdWords Ads (Bottom)

- Shopping Results (Right)

- AdWords Ads (Right)

Part III - Knowledge Graph features

- List Carousel

- Answer Box

- Knowledge Graph (Info)

- Knowledge Graph (Brand)

- Disambiguation Box

Part IV - Vertical search results

- Image Mega-block

- Video Results

- Image Results

- News Results

- In-depth Articles

Part V - Miscellaneous features

- Site-links (6-pack)

- Authorship Mark-up

- Review Mark-up

- Social Results

- Related Searches

You can check the graphs online by googling your question.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I’m curious to know if there is any relationship at all between Google and these sites which it uses for things such as the Answer Box. It’d be hard to believe that Google is scraping the answers and relying on that as authoritative answers.