Dynamic attributes

Is there any free ecommerce software that will allow me to set up a dynamic attribute relationship?

Dynamic product attributes relationship means that when you have 2 or more attributes their prices(price modifiers) depend on each other.
As a reference let’s say I have a jewelery store and sell rings made of gold, silver and nickel in 5 sizes. So, I would need 2 optional elements(attributes) “Material” and “Size” for each product.
Here comes the need for “Dynamic product attributes relationship”… i.e when the customer selects Gold in the first attribute the second attribute should display prices for all ring sizes as made of gold… However if silver or nickel is selected as the option in the first attribute the second attribute shall adjust the prices for each size accordingly depending on the metal chosen. With few words the pricing of the options in one attribute depends on the selection in the other.

I think all opensource has attributes functionality. If you test osCommerce or Zen-cart you will find it easy to set it up.

Also, have a look at Spree Commerce and Magento.

I have looked into all of those, and yes they do have attributes, but not “dynamic attributes” where selecting the first attribute influences the outcome of the next attribute on a product that has multiple.