*.dwg image embeeded in to JSP

Thanks in advance. Your response is highly appreciable.

I want to display 3d image generated by AUTOCAD in a web application. I would be using JSP to render the 3d image.

The image generated from AUTOCAD is *.dwg . Is there any API or methodology to read and display in JSP.


There is none. JSP can produce HTML which in turn can embed some media, unless there is a plugin for the browser that allows *.dwg media to be displayed, nothing will show up. It’s not related to JSP or PHP or perl or any other server side language.

The Batik library will turn SVG into any image (JPG, PNG, etc.)… not sure if it supports DWG though… can you export your DWG to SVG?

I completely agree with <Java> statement.I need to install some browser plugin to render autocad output format (dwg,dxf). My subsequent question to identify the plugin??
I googled, but i didn’t find any plugin to render in my webapplication.

I haven’t have option to export in SVG format from CAD application. Any ideas are advicable.

how about this: DWG to SVG Converter MX - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com or this: http://blog.nkadesign.com/2008/linux-autocad-dwg-to-svg-preview-conversion/

then you can embed svg into html and most modern browsers will show that w/o plugin