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Hey Guys Long Time!

Hey people I have not been to the forums here in about five years. So long that I had to create a new account.

I have a new project I am working on and need some input. I am a Freight Broker and also the premier Freight Broker Trainer in the U.S.A. I am wanting to put my training course on DVD or in Ebook .exe format then store on a Jump Drive or DVD so that I can offer it online and also at Truckstops in the USA.

The majority of my materials are in Word format that I typically save to PDF for security for as much as that goes. What I want is to possible put them in an .exe file on the DVD or Jump Drive as I said.

I want the materials to be in possibly a web page format thus enabling links etc for the user. I want the project to be secure but also complete functionality and at last very much cost effective to produce and market.

My questions are:

  • Does anybody have any experience in this and pointers?
  • Is there someone that could be recommended to do this cost effectively as far as the assembly of the presentation?
  • Is the best format an .exe file?

If anybody has any thoughts or experience please chime in. This is going to be a wildly popular product I guarantee it. There is a possibility of Revenue Share to the right person.

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Administrators if I have violated any policies within the forums it was unintentional. Please let me know so I do not do so in the future. As I said I have not been here in a while.