Duplicating homepage?

If I’m creating my template and I am using the same elements(same background/header and footer) in my homepage will I have to duplicate those elements each into a separate photoshop file and copy and paste my original css code for each one? Or is there a faster way to do this?

Firstly, the ideal is to have a single style sheet that contains all the styles for your site, to which each page of the site links. You put a special link to it in the head of each page.

Secondly, rather than paste the same standard code blocks on each page (such as header and footer) you can also store these each in a separate file and call them in to the with a special link (called an ‘include’). That way, as with the style sheet, you only have to make edits in one place. One way to do this is mentioned here.

To be honest, I don’t see where Photoshop fits into any of this, so beware of relying on it too much.

I’m working hard to understand it all I’ll keep at it.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. :slight_smile: