Duplicated content question

I have 2 years old HubPages I’d like to move to my blog in making. Even though I plan to re-write it pretty much more than half will be the same. I would love to keep the HubPages on line so will this be considered as duplicated content!?

If it’s the same content, then presumably yes. That’s not a huge problem in itself. It just may mean that Google won’t bother to index one of them.

We discussed that point somewhere else this week. Google will index them both, but one of them might appear much lower down in the SERPs than the other.

Google has to index them both, else how would it know they were duplicates?



So…presumably HubPage will be considered first page since it’s older thus it’s a kind of no-no!? Right!?

You need to add the canonical tag to those pages to point to the new version you want to have ranked instead.

Got me confused … you mean at HubPages or my website!?