Duplicate Sites

I am fairly new to SEO and website design and have started working for a company as their marketing assistant. They have various different microsites selling different products under the spectrum of specialist flooring and flooring products/paints/etc. They have their UK sites which are lacking and are in the process of huge overhaul. They have paid for a custom CMS and also put a deposit down on Magento/Wordpress package with another company (an issue, but not THE issue, just background)

What is the best way to deal with duplicate sites in terms of one will be brand.co.uk one will be brand.au and brand.com?
They will essentially be the same site content-wise, bar shipping rules and currency - how will this affect SEO and what is the common way around it. Is it best achieved with an Open Source CMS package or the Custom one?

Hi Lauren12. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

From a CMS point of view, it is possible with some CMSes to serve up the same content to various sites on different domains. But from an SEO point of view, the search engines tend to take a dim view of duplicate content, so try to avoid too much of that. Is there any reason there isn’t just one site with a shopping cart that caters for various regions?

That’s ideally what I’ve suggested. A .com for all with a selector for region.


Just to be clear about this: The engines do not penalise a site in any way simply because it has duplicate content. When they discover two or more pages with very similar or identical content, and which both meet the search criteria, they will favour whichever one they feel most closely meets the searcher’s requirements. They will then rank that page higher than the others (but they might still show the other pages, possibly only slightly lower down in the results).

Also, the above statement applies to pages, not to sites. In general, when it comes to content, the engines just see the individual pages. Whatever conclusions they draw about the page, they don’t apply them to the site as a whole.

My advice would be to not worry about the duplicate content in this particular case. If the sites are properly geo-targeted, an Australian searcher will find the .au site, a British searcher will find the .co.uk version, and so on.

That said, it would be worth checking the text for any regional variations that might be necessary (the use of American spelling and terminology if the site is targeted to the US, for example).


I mean more from a cluttered SERP - with duplicate sites appearing. They aren’t new sites either so they may still appear even with geo-targetting. But all very valid points and I will put them forward. Thank you all for your input.

You could rather put up some thing different in order to avoid duplication of sites. May be you could put up something different in terms of content or some add on services or stuff like that. There are chances that your SERP ranking may differ due to duplication of sites. Its always better to avoid such cases.

Actually, this is not a problem. Make sure you select the proper target country for each country specific domain in Google Webmaster Tools and you are done. Google gives importance to .com.au domain on Google.com.au search only, in this case.

How can you make duplicate sites?This is not fair with visitors and google also.Google never like this activity.
You should make different sites with different useful content or you should make only one site quality and unique content.This should also be user friendly and having full information regarding its topic.


Not true. If you read the original question, you will see that she has a prefectly valid reason for the duplication.


Duplicate site is dislike all the people it’s one kind of illegals activity.

Please read the original post again – Lauren isn’t talking about copying someone else’s site, she’s talking about her company having slightly different versions of the site for different countries, but with them being mostly the same. That is not in any way illegal nor a cause for dislike.