Duplicate Content Issue

We have a website. We use datafeed for uploading the products. We have different colours for the same product, viz., purple, black and red. While uploading these products, I get urls - meaning three pages - for the same product with colour as the only variation. Between these three pages, the only content that is different is the colour. The contents are only 1% unique. I believe this is duplicate content.

Now, we have worked on this issue. We were able to bring all colours of the same product into one url and the colours are now available in a drop down menu. Though we have done this, we were not able to remove it entirely. The three urls for the same product still exist in the Database, though it is not visible to visitors. It does not show anywhere in the sitemap though. But when we search for the product with colour, the hidden url shows up. Is this also considered as duplicate content.

I request some experts help in this.

Thanks in Advance.

Maybe this will be useful:

If you are not already signed up for Google Webmaster Tools then sign up and take a look at “URL Parameters”…

Google’s goal is to crawl your site as efficiently as possible. Crawling and indexing pages with identical content is an inefficient use of our resources. It can limit the number of pages we can crawl on your site, and duplicate content in our index can hinder your pages’ performance in our search results. Duplicate content often occurs when sites make the same content available via different URLs—for example, by using session IDs or other parameters, like this:

In this case, all these URLs point to the same content: a collection of real green dresses.

Whether the above scenario constitutes duplicate content.

Google doesn’t treat product description as duplicate because they know that many stores sell the same product and the description(specification) would be almost same. So there is nothing you need to worry about :slight_smile:

Does duplicate content affects the ranking of site. I have a site for baby care and I have used some repeated contents for my products description. Will it affects the keyword ranking??

The reason why duplicate content can be a problem is that Google then sees several pages with the same content so doesn’t know which one to send people to. It’s quite likely that none of them will rank as well as if you consolidated those pages into one, ensuring that all your googlejuice is targeted on that one page rather than being spread more thinly across lots of pages.

This issue is also known as doorway pages i.e. information pages and its occur in ecommerce websites which have different products with same features. These two techniques have worked well for me. Both require some effort, but the rewards are long-term.

  1. Put some different unique content.
  2. Seo Friendly Url geration.

Yes,duplicate content always affects on the ranking of the website .Google also do de index and de rank the website which use the duplicate content.So always try to use the latest and unique content for your website.

[font=verdana]Duplicate content is not the same as copied content. Copying someone else’s content without their permission is generally flat-out illegal, not to mention what it will do to your site’s performance in search engines when you get found out.

But duplicate content is a whole 'nother ball game. Duplicate content is when you have the same content in two or more places. It may be that you have two pages on the same site and there’s a large chunk of content that appears on both of them. It may be that you have two different sites (maybe for different purposes, or for different countries) and you have the same content on both of them. It may even be that you have two routes to the same page that are seen as separate pages, eg www.example.com/ and example.com/index.htm.

In any of those cases, there is nothing illegal or in any way morally/ethically wrong with duplicate content – it’s your content, and you’re entitled to use it wherever and however you want. Google is unlikely to actively penalise you for examples like the ones above (unlike copying someone else’s content, which they will exterminate you for), but it does mean that you probably won’t rank as well as you could do (see #6).[/font]

I request some specific help in this. As I said before that I have 3-4 urls. The URLs are rewritten for SEO purposes. We have the colours in the url. But the contents are 100% similar. As we use datafeed, we are helpless as they define different SKU (Model No.) for each colour of the same product. We cannot manually correct these too as there are nearly 125,000 products in the website.

If we maintain 3 different urls for same product with different colours, will it be difficult for us to rank it. If so, whether these pages will find it difficult to rank or the keywords for the entire website will find it hard to rank.

I request your help.


Did you read my most no. 2?
Have you subscribed to Google Webmaster Tools?
Please supply specific URLs.

Yes. I did read your post @ No.2 before and now. When I first read it, it was not clear. When I read it now, it is very clear. This is the case of duplicate content. We do have the Webmasters Account. I checked the URL Parameters. Handling this issue would be difficult as we are having a 100,000+ products. Out of this, more than 25,000 products would be in different colours. Also, we use dropshipping and datafeed. This means the particular product asked not to crawl may not be available during the time we make it. The other time, the one which we block it to be crawled may be available and the other colour may not be available. This cannot be manually checked too as there are a lot of products. I am at loggerheads now.

Thanks for the great info. I got the answer. Hence, this thread can be closed.