Duck try to catch a fly - Beautiful image

A litlle duck tries to catch his dinner… Beautifull image

No link for larger image?

Also I don’t think this is the write forum for images.

NICE, but i wish i could be larger!!! try some other forum for images…or give in the links next time.

yeah, i wish i could be larger too

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ahhh Rudy! I didn’t know you was a SQL Consultant and a comedian! You crack me up every post! :lol:

It is indeed a cute photograph. Beautiful? It depends on what your perspective is - That’s an image of an animal trying to kill and eat another animal / insect. On the other hand, that’s the stuff them animals do. It’s a nice image!

I wonder if the Duck managed to catch the Fly and eat it?

Andrew Cooper

cute image :smiley:

larger image…