Dublin Core Meta Tags

Hi, does anyone know if there is any benefit in using these?

eg will it improve search engine ranking?


i would like to resurrect this thread and see if anyone can shed some light onto dublin core’s relevance for a public website i.e. a restaurant website for example.

From what I can tell dublin core is used for government based websites? Is it worth adding dublin core meta data onto a non government website?

The Dublin Core Meta-data Initiative (DCMI) is basically a set of standards for META tags, generally it’s published through either META elements in HTML or RDF through XML, there are clear benefits to using DCMI as it guarantees that any platform which supports DCMI will recognise all the elements available (with normal meta tags browsers, search engines or agents will not follow every single one established commonly or proprietary). What this means for you is it depends on your needs… if your going to provide rich information about the page in META tags then yes it would be helpful, if your just going to try and boost your SEO by polluting your files with DCMI keyword nonsense then no it won’t. Google doesn’t use keywords because of abuse, and if you abuse your DCMI references, they will ignore them too. :slight_smile:

ah ok thanks for the heads up ya I wanted to boost the site lol
does that mean if i use DC i had to update it regularly?

You can’t use DCMI meta-data to boost your sites SEO ranking, that’s not what it’s about, the DCMI meta information exists to provide relational contextual information about the content (think like books being indexed in a library) so that other websites can get the basics about the page or site without trying to dig through the content. No search engine pays much attention to DCMI meta information (especially that served through RDFa) because too many people spammed the original META tags (so they dropped it’s value for searches). The DCMI information is intended on a “per-document” basis for relevant “heavy” content (like magazines). :slight_smile: