Drupal Website Revamped, need feedback from expert developers


Good day fellow developers!

This drupal website http://www.startechup.com has been revamped based on the comments from other people.

Javascript plugins were added to improve the call to action to convert, but and it should also go hand and hand to improve the user experience and likewise, get the message to the visitor. I believe that there some part of the design that has room for improvement. I may find the recent changes to be okay, but it may not be okay to other people.

I would like to ask for your expert comments and / or feedback with what can you say to further improve the website with regards to its current UX / UI, SEO, graphics, and content.

Your feedback will be so much be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Are you a single person/freelancer or are you part of an agency with multiple people which are meant to be represented by that site?

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