Drupal not recognise styling on tables


I am pulling my hair out with this - I’m using drupal for a website and i need to insert a table.
Ive inserted a table with some css styling and it displays correctly in the CK editor but not on the actual page.
I’ve tried adding the css to the stylesheet, including it in the header of the page and individually on each th & td. No results.

I’ve also made a table using the inbuilt table maker inside the ck editor and i have set the padding, again looks fine inside the editor but its not there on the page.
Examples attached.

Please please help, its driving me nuts!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello :). We can do nothing without some code. Do you have this online somewhere where we can take a look at the problem?

Very minimum, if not online, could we get the HTML/CSS to replicate the issue? We need either or, not both :).

As you have learned, don’t trust hte editors view. All design views are based off old old browsers. No point trusting something as old as IE4/5, so why bother looking at it?

Hi RyanReese,

Ive actually JUST found the solution!
For anyone else in the same boat, the problem was that the ckeditor was set to display its own css styling. So i went into the config settings for the ckeditor and changed it to the Themes css and added the styling to the theme stylesheet and its working perfectly!

Thanks so much!