Drupal is damaging my calm

After moving a site to a new server, I’ve noticed that none of the forms are showing on the new site. Everything is published. When comparing the management screens of both sites, they are identical. The new site is still at a temporary domain, so it’s not the true domain yet, but I wouldn’t think that would be the issue. the webforms module is being used to build forms.

I’m stumped and not even sure where to go next. Anyone have any thoughts?

In permissions have you allowed the forms to be seen by anonymous and authenticated roles?

I agree that it sounds like a permissions issue. Also, make sure everything is pointing to the right database in your settings file as moving sites can make it easy to miss this.

sorry, just getting back here (been swamped!).

I had to update the module to make this work, for whatever reason. don’t know exactly if it was do to the move or if the person who gave us the site files missed something. once I updated it, it started working.

I probably should have just done that from the start but since I’m still finding my way through Drupal, I wasn’t sure of the ramifications.

Thanks for the help though.

Ah yes, one of the things I’m trying to overcome is FTP failures or loss of a file or two during transfer of sites. I’ve had similar things happen during transfers. I think Drush will be the solution for me.