Drupal 6.x custom module admin page that outputs a link to create admin page markup

As the summary says, I’m using Drupal 6.x to create my own module that you can use to create your own administrative page “admin panels” (the DIVs that basically group menu items in the admin area). The rationale for this is that I want to organize my custom modules’ admin page links in my own way versus “throwing them in the ‘Site configuration’ menu group” like so many developers do anymore… SO, I thought it would be cool to have a module that could somehow do this.

The first step in all this is creating an admin page. This, I have accomplished.
The second step in all this is creating a condition that says, “IF $no_panels, then output a link to a sub-page that allows someone to create them using a basic form that would execute some query and generate everything based on the input values, etc…”

This is the part I’m stuck on. Ha.

I’m using hook_view() to create the basic admin page and I’ve setup the condition to check for these admin panels, however, despite that I’ve not yet figured out how to install / create the schema necessary to store these as their own content, I’m mostly concerned right now with how to handle this sub-page stuff. The admin page itself will output a link as follows: <site name>/foobar_admin_page/create. Should this be changed to instead be something like this?: <site name>/foobar_admin_page/?q=create or something else entirely? Maybe I should pass something somehow to start a content create process or what?

Then, once I figure out how to handle that, how do I actually implement this sub-page that will have the creation form itself?

I guess I’m just getting hung up on the fact that I’ve created this admin page with uncertainty of how to create a content-creation sequence (i.e. - same page create form vs. sub-page create sequence, etc.)

Insight into this is appreciated.