Dropzone Image fit on Thumbnail?

This is my javascript code:

let mockFile = { name: "principal.png", size: 12345, type: 'image/png'};
                   this.emit("addedfile", mockFile); 
                   var principal = '@Model.Article.Image';
                   this.options.thumbnail.call(this, mockFile, "http://localhost:11111/Image/" + principal, function () {
                   }, 'crossOrigin', '');
                   this.emit('complete', mockFile);

I must display files from the server and this works, however files not fit inside the Thumbnail.

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I tryed:

add widht and height on mockFiles properties: Nothing changes.

displayExistingFile(): Same Issue.

createThumbnailFromUrl(): Same Issue.

add widht and height on thumbnail properties: Changes Thumbnail dimentions, not image.

resize(). Nothing changes.

Also that post on stack is the most closer solution that i found around javascript phorums.

Any Idea how to tolve this?

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