Dropship to US customers from US supplier with a EU company, whats why obligations?

Greetings SitePoint,

Been trying to find some reliable and straight answer to this, but seams like mission impossible, although there have to be hundreds, if not thousands, of people doing the similar things with same set-up.

I am a citizen and based in a EU country with an already established company which I will run everything through.

I’m going to use a Dropship/POD company in US and sell online (through own website) to US customers, this company have nexus in two states (CA, NC), and will charge me sale tax, based on my selling price, for orders sent to customers in these two states, which means (I assume) they are responsible for collecting and reporting the sale tax for those orders (at least for CA if I am reading this right, haven’t been able to find the corresponding info for NC).

I have, and will not have, any other presences in the US what so ever that will create nexus elsewhere.

If sales tax are covered by the dropshipping, what, if any, others obligations and/or requirements would my company have towards any US authorities to be able to sell online with a set-up like this?

All and any thoughts and pointers are more then welcome.

Thanks in advance.

That sounds more like a question for a finance specialist who deals with international trade rules and regulations. That would be my first choice.


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