Dropping of Yahoo inbound links


For the past two weeks I have noticed that Yahoo inbound links are dropping. First it was on one site but now I found the same pattern on all of my sites and also on my competitors sites.

Few weeks ago Yahoo listed more then 2000 inbound links in the Yahoo webmaster tools and now I only have 800+.

Does anyone know weather this is due to a Yahoo and Bing getting together?

It probably has more to do with them updating their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms last month

I have same problem, maybe it’s because of new algorithms or just was bad links…

Did you even bother reading the link in my previous answer?

Jeeze, don’t you know most people don’t actually read the threads?! :rolleyes:

… just kidding. I hate that too.

Hey the same was the case with me too.
In the first case i had only 15 - 20 backlinks but all of sudden it generated to thousands of yahoo backlinks