Dropping Domains - Alternatives to Pool and others

I recently tried to get a pending delete domain name - cdtalk.com

I am registered with a number of dropping domain businesses.

I reserved the domain through each of these.

Result -
Bluerazor missed but sent me an email when the status changed.
Godaddy did nothing
Pool sent me nothing - did it even try to grab it?
Snapnames sent me nothing. Today (a week after the name was taken) they send me a status change email.

Can anyone reccommend alternatives to these guys becauase the service is pretty shoddy - with the exception of blue razor.

At the least, I want to know what changes are happening with the domain and be notified if I miss it.

eNom club drop.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ll give them a try!

I Learned about another “domain-name-aquiring” company named Raief.com, when you buy anything off their website, they say you could win a USB Drive…

Enom has become increasingly better at catching good names. Namewinner is also an option, but don’t hear to much out of them these days

Raief is not the same site now. Raief gives out free information and tools for anyone desiring to learn internet, affiliate, marketing.
They also have a very good article on where to find dropping or expiring domain names.:slight_smile:

has anyone had success with enom then?

there’s a name dropping that I want, but don’t feel lie paying every possible service to try to get it.

that’s an older thread so maybe other suggestions on how to get a dropping name.

Try valuedrops.com. It has been the best for the least amount of cost for my searches and needs.

have you had actual success with it getting a dropping name?

I purchased a few dropped domains. I like them if they are relevant to the niche and already have some backlinks.

I would recommend you checking related threads on the namepros. I suppose there something really interesting can be found. Perhaps some new names which are not listed here.