Dropdown menus & z-index


why is z-index not working here for the sub-menus?

oh brother, after all the stuff here,

now I have to do a test with dropdowns… I haven’t done much menus with show-hide elements (and can’t test in IE6+7… oh man…)

adapted from here,
Simple jQuery Dropdowns | CSS-Tricks
(need to do w/o plugin and keep it simple…)
(and what on earth is hoverintent? if don’t know I guess I don’t need it…:wink:

thank you very much…

fixed!! searched and searched… and found: you have to give element that contains the menu the z-index value not the menu (ul) itself…

could someone do me a big favor and test in IE6+7… thank you very much…

Glad you sorted that one and yes its ultimately the positioned parent that determines the stacking level with regards to elements outside that context.

It seems to be working in IE6/7 ok :slight_smile:

awesome… thank you very much…