Dropdown menu showing different text box dependent on selection

Hello all!

Ok I clearly have communication issues, so please bear with me in the loveliest way possible.

There are a bunch of contacts I need to add to my site. They are organised by country.

I don’t want to show a table with ALL the contact details on. I want to offer a dropdown menu or similar with the countries inside it, and then dependent on the country selected, the relevant contact information would be displayed in a text box alongside.

How can I create this and - equally importantly - integrate it into a WordPress page?

Thanks so much!

This is not possible with HTML, which is a markup language, not a programming language.

You can do it with JavaScript, but that question belongs in the JavaScript forum.

Right, in that case, thank you ever so much. I’ll report it to the mods to move.

Appreciate your insight. Have a great weekend!

Couldn’t you use a normal dropdown menu for this like the suckerfish menus?