Dropdown menu problems .. need some help please

I am using the dropdown menu on this page:


I have it working, but I want it to function a bit differently, but I do not know how to do that. Here is what I need to happen:

  1. I need the links in the drop down menu to open in a new tab, rather than the current tab. How can I do this?

  2. I am having a MAJOR issue with the code in my <head>. The code:

<script type="text/javascript">

	//anylinkmenu.init("menu_anchors_class") //Pass in the CSS class of anchor links (that contain a sub menu)


is making my footer on the page move up, leaving a white gap at the bottom of the web pages. When I remove this line, the drop down menu no longer works, obviously, but the page looks correct once again.

  1. I would like the menu to open to the LEFT of the image it is on ( on the facebook icon www.billboardfamily.com ). I have attached an image of how it should look.


And here is the image for #3 in my original post:

The link to dynamic drive isn’t working.