Dropdown menu problem when using browser back button

I have a dropdown menu that works in all the browsers and mobile devices I need but when I hit the browser back button after clicking on one of the drop down links I notice the dropdowns are still dropped down. Does anyone have a fix for this?:confused:

Which browser did you notice this in? I checked in Chrome, FireFox and Opera and it appears fine.

sorry, seems someone replaced nav on that page. Here is the nav I am trying to troubleshoot.

I still don’t see a problem. Can you let us know what browser you were using when you encountered this problem?

happens in the apple ipad

The problem with iPad and iPhone is that there are no hover events (because there is no way to hover with your finger), so Safari translates hover events into click events. This is why it stays down even when you hit the back button. Maybe someone can correct me, but as far as I know, there isn’t a way to fix this.

thanks for looking into