Dropdown menu best practice

Is there a way to mark a an LI that CONTAINS a UL w/o deliberately adding a class or ID to it?

I have a multi-level collapsing menu. Some of the the levels sub have sub-levels and I think it would be a good UI practice to indicate that somehow. Because I try to write lean code and because there was actual no page for a header level ( a level with sub-levels) to go to directly, there is no anchor tag as a direct child of the UL, not that I think it would matter for what I am asking.

Suggestions appreciated, as always.

If I understand you right, you’re essentially looking for some kind of parent selector? E.g., if LI is a parent of UL then apply some styling?

As far as I know there’s no way of doing that with CSS, but I know there are more expert CSS people here.

You could certainly do it with javascript, but that seems worse than adding a class.