Dropdown Height Issue - ASP.NET, Win7, IE8


We have a bizarre layout issue that I’ve researched and come up empty-handed.

Two of our new ASP.NET pages (we’re currently converting the site from classic ASP - slowly!) contain standard DropDownList components, nothing fancy or subclassed. On most all browsers, they look fine, regardless of the text size or magnification. But on Windows 7 with IE8, enlarging the text size results in restricted height of the dropdown’s text box relative to textboxes alongside it.

It looks strange and our QA department has, um, brought it to our attention. I’m pulling out what little hair I have left. Any ideas/advice?


Jim Stanley

The first thing you should do when troubleshooting layout problems is to forget that you are using .NET… Look at the generated HTML source and troubleshoot from there.

I’m not saying that the problem is not related to .NET, it might be (many controls render horrible HTML). But look at the source first to find the cause.