Drop menu vanishes when cursor moves off parent

Hello, i am using a custom child theme of twenty ten.
I am using the default wordpress menu system.
I have everything almost finished but when you move the cursor off the parent menu item, the drop list disappears.
odd thing is its only in the top section, if you move the cursor fast enough to the second or third items on the drop list, it stays visible.

I cant seem to figure out whats causing this.
I thought about adding a delay to the menu, but thats probably more work than is necessary.

can someone help me plz?


one other issue:

I feel like ive asked this question before but i can’t find the thread - perhaps it was on a different site.
I have my footer area in my site, but i need it to be wider. i need it to extent to the full browser width and i cant seem to figure out how i did it last time.

update on issue #2:
Ive managed to get about 90% of the way there by bringing in css rules from my other site that has a similar footer area.
The content of the footer area is shoved way to the left and partly off screen. This is the remaining 10% of issue #2.

Thus far have made zero progress with issue #1


Issue 2 Resolved.

I added another wrapper element around the body2/pre-footer content, which allowed me to make necessary adjustments without effecting everything else