Drop-down & Rollov Link Effects is Patented: You Have to Pay $80,000 (Seriously Read)

Wow, apparently using link drop-down menus and rollover effects has been patented since 1990, and the copyright owner of the patent is now suing sites to be able to use the effects by selling licenses for $80,000 each.

So far many big companies such as American Express and Visa have been sued and have paid the $80,000 to use drop down menus on their websites.

Read on…: Rollover Images/Effects on Your Site Will Cost You

This is the sort of thing that should only appear on April 1st. Unfortunately, it’s Fool’s Day every day of the year now. The world seems to have forgotten the distinction between “letter of the law and spirit of the law”, so it’s our own fault that we get fed on by greedy vultures like this. O well…