Drop Down Menu

Hey guys,

I am working on a site which needs a drop down menu and have managed to get the code for a pretty cool one. It looks amazing but there are two problems, it is built with <ul> and <li> and as some of it is floated left, it does not seem to want to center. The second thing is that it wraps as the viewport is narrowed which I think looks very unproffesional. I want to layer it so that it is centred with the rest of my content and stays where it is. I have had this trouble with other elements like images, how do I stop it falling down onto the next line?

That shouldn’t be too hard to fix, but we need to see your code to be of any use. Ideally, post a link. Otherwise, post your code (and place it within code tags… you can use the # formatting button).

As Ralph said we would need to see the code but if you don;t want your nav to wrap and you want it centred then don’t float it (or wrap another fixed width element around it) but give it a fixed width equal to the length of the menu and then use auto margins to center it.