Drop down menu problems

I have inherited fixing a website that is built as a homestead store and uses their drop down menus. What causes a drop down menu to be below the correct nav button? Currently when hovering over the Book nav link the menu shows up under a link 2 places down the line. They seem to be shifted to the right. The website is http://whimsmoore.com

<div id="dropmenu1_a" class="dropmenudiv_a" style="top: 169px; left: 282px; visibility: hidden;">

try to lower the left property to 282 or less until you feel satisfied about the position.

Right now that left property has a value of 689 something try to lower it down and then it will align with the menu…

You really need to get rid of that dropdown because it is using Javascript to display it, and it is just not correct at all :).

Javascript is actually creating the dropdown HTML/CSS, so if you could scrap the JS and build a regular dropdown that would be best :). You can argue that performance and maintenance would improve :slight_smile:

I convinced her to let me redo them - thanks for your input.