Drop down menu in an alert/prompt

I’m thinking this isn’t possible at all - but to be sure I did Google for awhile… That didn’t turn up any results though.

My question: is it possible to have a drop-down in an alert box?

I may have to program a pop-up or a hidden div instead.

The reason I ask is that I’ve got a backend web editor for creating/maintaining websites - and there is an option to make a link a sublink of another one (so it only appears on the menu when you are at that webpage). However, it would make life a whole lot easier if when a user pushes that button an alert box comes up asking them which page they want it to be a sub of (and then returns the value).

Thanks for any help!

The regular alert/prompt/… dialogs don’t support HTML-elements, what you are looking for are modal windows.

For example:


Thanks. I was hoping to avoid advanced javascript (or at least advanced for me). I’m used to server-side languages, and javascript sometimes looks complicated. I’m just starting to learn how to use it – I’m not a big fan of implementing things I don’t 100% understand. I’ll have to start getting into jQuery - I’ve just started a cursory look into javascript and I’ve already bumped up next to it alot.

Thanks for your help hexburner.