Drop down menu help


I have a drop down menu on the second button. How do I target the drop downs? I want button #2 to change to white on rollover(like it is) but have other images or words and text show up in the other buttons that are dropping now.
Right now that main image for the buttons shows up in all of them. I know why that is, but I can’t figure out how to fix it.


All you need to do is create a more specific rule to apply the the links lower down. For example, this would do it:

.menu li.yjill-way [COLOR="#FF0000"]ul[/COLOR] a:hover {
  background: url(different image here);

Also as a note i would recommend you use a sprite instead of individual images as it creates one header instead of the 5 current requests + the extra requests when the :hover event is called.

Thank you both. Ralph, I will try your suggestion. I’m sure it’ll work. :slight_smile:
SgtLegend: re:Sprite, Thank you! I have seen it done that way and wondered why.

I tried to do the sprite that SgtLegend suggested and I messed it up! I want to cry. can someone help me fix it. it’s all messed up. How come the image is not showing up in the menu? http://www.organichs.com/renee/webdesign/

Could you make sure you have uploaded them? They are not where your CSS file is indicating. Are you sure they are on the server, and if so, where are they?

ok, I fixed it. I deleted all that extra css and started over. I can’t get the menu to show up…pathetic.

Ok, ralph. I got the sprite thingy to work. I was proud of myself. I even went to a list apart and read up on floating and positioning. Very helpful. Can you help me with adding a drop down under the second button? If you want please give clues as to what to target. Thanks. http://www.organichs.com/renee/webdesign/menu.html