Drop-Down Menu Clipped/Hidden by <div> Holding Navigation Bar

I have installed an extended menu extension within Joomla and the drop-down menu is hidden/clipped by the <div> holding the navigation bar. I have tried adding

overflow: visible

to CSS markup within template.css to try to get the drop-down to overflow beyond the menu container but to no avail. How do I get the drop-down menu to drop down over the <div> holding the navigation as well as the flash video below it?

My website is here.

Thank you to anyone for their time in advance :slight_smile:

Hi craad,

I suspect the problem is that you have added the .clear class to the .row-top-menu div, so you will have to remove that. (It applies overflow: hidden; which prevents the dropdown from showing.)

You could use the clearfix method instead to contain the div’s contents. :slight_smile: