Drop down menu being shown behind animation

For some reason the drop down menu (shown when you mouse over the before and after or procedure tabs in the top navigation) are being shown behind the animation- how can I change it?
Thank you

Hi, what browser? I viewed it in IE7/8/FF/Chrome and it’s all displaying it in front.

Though to possibly fix an IE7 issue I’d set this valueto 0 instead of auto. I haven’t checked to see if it works but it should

#suckerfishnav li:hover ul, #suckerfishnav li li:hover ul, #suckerfishnav li li li:hover ul, #suckerfishnav li li li li:hover ul, #suckerfishnav li.sfhover ul, #suckerfishnav li li.sfhover ul, #suckerfishnav li li li.sfhover ul, #suckerfishnav li li li li.sfhover ul {
    left:0;	width:220px;    }

That’s to possibly fix the sub sub dropdown from being too far over to the right in IE7.