Drop-down menu appearing when page loads

Sometimes my drop-down menu will appear when a page loads on my site, and then disappear when the page finishes loading. It’s not a real issue, and it’s not really hurting anything; it’s more of an annoyance.

I am lost with what is the cause of this and what is the solution?

My site can be found here and my style sheet can be found [URL=“http://covschool.org/stylesheet.php?cssid=50”]here.

#nav li:hover li {[b]visibility: visible;[/b]}

Maybe visibility is the reason?

I didn’t notice anything when I visited the page. I wouldn’t really worry about it as most users are expecting to see a page be drawn anyway.

You could hide all the content until the page is loaded but seems a lot of effort for something that isn’t critical.

Thanks guys! :smiley: