Drilldown Datagrid Searching with ASP.NET

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Great article!!

Great Article…Saved me hours or research. Clean concise and easy to follow!

But how would you reset the search or clear the results? Naturally, a user is going to want to reset the search via a page refresh or by clicking a button. Can you explain how to do that?


Another thing to consider is if you have a value entered in the input box and then click on the paging links, it treats it like you pushed the search button. You didn’t push the search button but you got search results back.

I have tried to recreate this drilldown datagrid in Visual Studio and I keep getting errors that ‘Name “MyDataGrid” is not declared’ the same occurs with “subsrch”, “count” and all other text boxes. I even tried recreating the datagrid and text boxes using the tools in Visual Studio and renaming them but I get the same error with the new names. What am I doing wrong?