Dreamweaver templates not updating

Aaargh - I feel like I’ve been thrust cruelly to the dark ages.

Just inherited a site which the client wants to continue updating in Dreamweaver on the whole, but with a cms attached for users.

That’s all by the by. My issue is that I’ve never used DW templates before, preferring php goodness.

I have edited a template, and DW makes a show of updating pages using it (so it knows which ones they are), but fails to actually update them. If I create a new page from the template, that updates fine.

Any ideas?


I’ve never used this sort of thing in Dw, but here are a few links that discuss the problem. What I mainly get from them is that only edits in “not editable” regions will update in pages linked to the template:


I’m exploring the different possibilities for a new site I start working on next week. One of the requirements is that it will be a multi-lingual site. In the past I always created multiple folders for each language one but there are for sure, other ways to approach this! Some time ago, someone mentioned Coldbox, and how easy it was to implement such functionalities. I had a quick look at their dedicated forum, but I can’t really find a tutorial where they make a simple application from begin to end. Most of them are how to implement certain modules

Does anyone have any experience with Coldbox and do know of any good tutorials where they use an example Application.

thank you in advance.