Dreamweaver running pages when I save them!

I have had two days of gremlins and not 100% sure what is going on.

I have a VERY VERY simple program that takes a line of code, calls an object method that then inserts a bit of text into a mySQL database (I am moving over to OO PHP finally!). Trouble is it is inserting TWICE. IE I get id=47 msg=“foo bar”, id=48 msg=“foo bar”, id=49 msg=“foo foo foo”, id=50 msg=“foo foo foo”,

I thought it was Apache firing off twice or something now I think DW has gone mental. Anyone any thoughts.


PS With this new structure not a clue where to put this.

Could you post the code?

I’ve noticed in the past that my browser does fire off requests when you’re typing something in the address bar and it tries to auto-complete. Annoying as ****.

Check the apache access logs, and see if two requests are coming into the server. If so, your code’s doing exactly what it should; the problem is in DW.