DreamWeaver question

Hello, everyone,

I’m curious about one thing regarding DreamWeaver.

If one goes into DreamWeaver Site Manager and either creates or edits a site, and as part of said process goes into “Advanced Settings > Design Notes” and unchecks the box for “Maintain Design Notes” (thusly turning off design notes), the design notes are still created, and they are still updated every time one saves a document that one is working on.


Isn’t the point of turning off Design Notes so that the notes will NOT be created/updated?

I ask because we are using a GIT repository, and these notes (dwsync.xml) are being created in every folder and included in repo updates. If one tries to remove or discard these files, the repo throws an error because the file can’t be found.

How can the design notes be permanently, irreversibly prevented?



I don’t use DW, but other people here do. What I usually do from my end is:

  • Remove all _notes folders
  • Commit that
  • Add _notes/ to the .gitignore
  • Commit that

Then everyone can have (or not have) their own notes setup.

Hi, labofoz,

I’ve tried that. The way the lead developer set up SmartGIT, that’s fine as long as everything is done within SmartGIT. But forget it if you have to drop to a BASH and do anything. That’s when the “fatal: file not found (dwsync.xml)” messages start appearing. Have no idea why.



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