DreamWeaver parameters HELP

Hallo to all, I hope you can help me…

I am using Dreamweaver CS6 and constructing a web site with a multi search form. I have a select box that has VALUE (integer) and Labels. When I choose one field of the select box, and pressing SUBMIT, goes to a result page, showing all records relative with the VALUE I chose. I have used these settings in the recordset:

Edit Variable:
name: modelsearch
Type: Integer (integer is in database too)
Default value: -1
Runtime Value: $_GET[‘Makes’] (the name of the select box)

and above
… WHERE allcars.all_make=modelsearch

When I choose sth all is ok, but I want when I choose NOTHING on the select box, by pressing the SUBMIT to show me all records…

Please heeeeeeelp

Thank you

Well when you select nothing, the default value is -1 so it will search records that have -1 value.

You could use an if statement which will execute without the all_make SQL if the value of modelsearch is equal to -1.