Dreamweaver MX Timelines

Hi Everyone,

Currently I am trying to learn HTML and CSS from sctratch so excuse my ignorance. This morning I saw an old friend who has a copy of DW MX (2003?). He is not an expert but showed me the old MX version and a feature called timelines, if I remember its name correctly. This seems to allow content to move around a page following a predetermined path and timeline without any additional requirements like Flash etc.

I had been trying DW cs5 trial but I didn’t notice that feature. Is it possible to recreate the timeline idea using just HTML or CSS? Is it a commonly used feature? If it is not, is there a good reason why it is not used?


It used an enormous amount of javascript the plot and move the content and really was one of those - “seems like a good idea at the time” moments.

If you are just starting out then dont go down that route. Learn the basics properly and get a good grounding in the language.

Have you ever seen this on a web site you’ve visited? Me neither.