Dreamweaver "inline styles" "new css rule" under properties. I cant locate

So I am following a tutorial on Learnable.com and am currently learning about “new css rules” and “inline styles”

In the tutorial they showed me an example of inline styles. I followed with no problem at all.

Now in the tutorial they are switching to “new css rules” to give an example of manipulating text using new css rules function under targeted rules.

My problem is that the option to select “new css rules” in the drop down menu should be next to the option to select “inline styles” I have the “inline styles” option but not the “new css rules” option.

I have attached 2 images. 1 is a screen shot of the work we are working on in the tutorial.

and the other is a screen shot of the video tutorial that i have been following.

They are essentially the same except they have “new css rules” listed and i do not.

ANY help would be much appreciated.

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I’m sad now.


I’m not aware of any DreamWeaver users that frequent here (that doesn’t mean there aren’t any :slight_smile: ). Have you tried searching the Adobe web site for differences between the Apple and PC versions of DreamWeaver? It seems to be DreamWeaver product issue which is not where our expertise lies.

I don’t use Dw any more, and I never did use tools like that. Not that there’s any problem with asking this question here, but the Learnable courses have their own Q&A facility where you get direct access to the course creator. Asking there will also help the other students who come across the same issue. So if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you do that. :slight_smile:

I just watched the video for Dreamweaver CS6 (Lesson 4, Step 2: Inline and Internal CSS). What exactly were you trying to do with your code, make all the paragraphs have red text?

I note in your code you have a style associated with the Paragraph tag. Admittedly it is empty, and I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference but you might consider deleting the ‘style=“”’ from the code view to see if that makes a difference. Also did you have any other options from the drop down after “Apply Multiple Classes”? And are you using Dreamweaver CS6 or Dreamweaver CC (the Creative Cloud version)?

Just a heads-up: I’m helping PortalPacific with this issue in the thread under the course on learnable. Thanks guys.