Dreamweaver cs5-5 localhost pls help

Hello everyone,

I am new to dreamweaver cs5-5 I have define my site and testing via localhost but every time I test my index.html page I just get a blank page. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I use mozilla firefox for my testing browser. please can someone help me.


helen :sick:

How are you testing it?

Thanks for replying I am testing using firefox browser f12 via localhost now I get a blank page with text that says ‘it works’ but don’t see my index.html page

The local site folder in is C:\Document and settings\my document\my site
Links relative to document root
The server folder is in same C:\Document and settings\my document\my site
Web url http//localhost

Do you think that’s the problem the way i’ve define the site?

any help would be great I am desperate.

I don’t really understand all those links above, being on a Mac.

I would suggest you just navigate to the file itself (such as index.html) and double click on it to open it in your browser. What happens then?

They are not links it’s where i’ve saved my site files it’s ok I’ts search google for answers.

As I said, though, if you navigate to the .html file on your computer and double click, what happens? Do you see the page properly in your browser?

it’s ok i’ve sorted the problem out I needed to configure the htdocs document roots and server roots, feel so stupid.