Drawing Horizontal Line on top a video object in Flash?

hi friends ,

i am trying to take photos using webcamera from online web application and i got sample code from Photo Booth – Flash Webcam Image Capture | blog.vamapaull.com

It is working fine to take photos online with the attached web camera and saving it into server for future purpose.

Here my problem is i want to keep horizontal and vertical lines on top of the camera area but what ever line i am placing all displaying behind the video area and camera area is displaying ontop of all layers.

can anybody help me drawing a lines on top of flash video object

Thanks in advance.

have you been drawing the lines in a clip and placing it on top of the video? and are you saving just the image of the video or drawing a bitmap from all data on the stage ?

i have all the lines in a clip and make sure that its index is higher than the video, then when i want to save the image, i would create a bitmap, draw the stage to a bitmap data object and write that to the bitmap.