Draggable svg elements

I installed

on my SVG and am trying capture the x & y coordinate of the moved element to be output to the console, can this even be done?

Sure it can. console.log the element’s x and y position, at the end of the drag, before you tell the code to forget what element you’re dragging around.

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I uploaded the example and tried to see if I can get the x/y coordinates of the elements if I drag them, am I on the right track here?


Well, what happens in the console when you move something?

when I drag an element, it shows

start X: 993
start Y: 74
end X: 1018
end Y: 124

But isnt that some other coordinates (page?) and arent I looking for ones inside the viewbox of the SVG

viewBox="0 0 30 20"

so shouldnt the x & ys be within that space?

did you try to put it into var?

Hi @lurtnowski, did you have a look at the section about getting the coordinates in the article from your OP?

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