Drag and Drop?

Hello guys,

Take a look at the site JotForm. This site uses drag and drop to allow users to create their form. I love this. I especially love the idea of a special menu when you left click on your form. I have a website that allows users to create free polls. I want my users to use drag and drop to create their poll just like this site. My question is, where can I learn the concept of drag and drop?

Just look on the net for " tutorial Drag and Drop with jQuery UI ".
It is easy to create this effect with jQuery.

Thanks. All browsers support this?

Can someone please explain to me why the following demo isn’t resizable?


Maybe you cant resize a table?

Are you telling me that tables can’t be resized? Or don’t you know this for sure?

It’s easy enough to test isn’t it? just try doing it to a div and see if it works.

What about the menu? When creating a form you can use right click to further configure your form. How do they do this? Is this also done with jQuery?

No one?

There is lots of options for drag and drop and context menus( right click menus ) outside of jQuery.

jQuery is the biggest library so most scripts you’ll find for these things will come in the form of jQuery plugins.

There’s accessibility issues with context menus so most people prefer to just put these menu’s under a link in the ui.

Maybe if I tell you guys what I want, then you guys can point me in the right direction. I have a site that offers free polls. When you create a poll on my site you first get a page to enter your questions and answers, then you get another page to select your color scheme, then you get another page to further edit the appearance (poll width, font style, etc.).

I want to change all that. What I want is when a user create a poll, show a basic poll. Then the user can use right click on the poll to get a menu that enables him to add/edit/delete a question, add/edit/delete an answer, select or change color, etc. So no more multiple pages to configure the poll, but all configuring is done with the right click menu. What is my best option to get this done? jQuery? Or can I do this using another method? All help is appreciated.